Reviews of the Store

The Baseball Card Store truly appreciates some of the great things customers have said about us online on Google, A CardBoard Problem, Insider Pages and other online review sites. Here’s a sampling:

Thanks from the Marines
My wife and I were back in NJ on military leave looking for a gift for my nephew. Entering the Baseball Card Store, the gentleman behind the counter could not have been more gracious. We had a great conversation about my old baseball coach at Ramsey HS and he chatted easily with my wife, He gave us the card and supplies I was going to buy for free, with a “Merry Christmas” and also agreed to give my contact information to my old coach who was a regular customer of his. Coach contacted me and we had a great visit. The Baseball Card Shop really put some great highlights into our vacation. It’s a great place to do business. They are some of the best NJ has to offer. – February 01, 2011 by John and Peggy Del Colliano in Jacksonville, NC

Great People
I had called to ask if they were currently buying. the guy had told me no but asked what i was trying to sell so he could assist me more.. i told him what it was and he told me about a card show that happens twice a month and that i would most likely be able to sell it over there. thanks so much will come to this store for future purchases! – Nick, Google Places

Amazing store
These guys are so nice, and they really care about getting kids into collecting, when i went there i was looking at spending like 30 dollars on 3 packs of cards, and when he saw this he told me to not get those 3 packs and instead he told me to buy the cheaper packs which were 5 for 10, so ths just shows that they care more about getting kids into collecting, instead of the money. I really love this place. – Kyle, Google Places

Great Store, one of my favorites
I’ve been shopping there for many years now. The owners are friendly, the selection is pretty good (new stuff with some vintage), and storage supplies are usually in stock. The prices are pretty fair, sellers are honest when it comes to grading and applying that grade to the price. A good mix of graded and ungraded cards are available. I have also noted, on numerous occasions, the owners giving honest advise and value information to those looking to sell their cards. They even spend time with people who are valuing their card collections to sell to someone else. After many years in the hobby (20+ now) that is refreshing. Definitely worth stopping in. – DK, Google Places

Fantastic for the Baseball collector of all ages!
The Baseball card store is located right on Prospect ave in Midland Park- So it is very easy to get to although parking can sometimes be a pain ( i just do not park in front and instead go to the back or a side street). They have great prices and the people there really know a lot about baseball cards. And, after a couple of visits they even recognize you! You can buy and sell here so that is great. Everyone is so friendly. it is convenient. And I love that there is a store dedicated to all of this!! A must visit if you are a collector or enthusiast! – Amy, Insider Pages

Even if you don’t live nearby. . . so what?
They are HUGE with so many baseball cards at prices that are not too far out there. If you are looking for a gift to a baseball card collector or are looking to complete your own card collection or looking to just start your own collection, this is definitely the place for you. Even if you don’t live nearby, you can still drop by because you will most definitely leave satisfied and not empty handed. You have to check this place out! – Darrick C., Insider Pages

The Baseball Card Store Old Time Friendly Service
I never would have realized this store was in existence if I didn’t have to stop at the traffic light waiting for it to turn green. Usually I would just drive on by without giving this place a second look. I’m glad I finally did. The Baseball Card Store is located in Midland Park, NJ and lives up to its name it sells a lot of baseball and sports cards. This operation has been around for a long time and the owners are world class. I was really impressed by how friendly they are especially to first time customers. They make you feel like youve been part of their store for years. I usually go in there to purchase storage boxes for my cards and I need particular ones all the time. Most of the time they do have it, but if they don’t they will make a special order to make sure that they get the stock in for me. I’ve never been disappointed with their service and they usually give me some good discounts. Besides sports cards, they also offer other trading cards for gaming as well as supplies to protect your cards. Like I said, if they don’t have a particular item you are looking for, they will go out of their way to get it for you if it’s available. These are the people I would trust and will always give them repeat business. – Charles M.

The Baseball Card Store is a real treat to find and I’m so glad that I stumbled upon it by accident one day. I’m not into the whole trading card bit, but I do have a few that I wish to store away properly and this store has all the materials needed for it. The best part is that the prices are the best. You can’t beat it. The staff is top notch. Friendly and helpful to the core. I may have only been in the store a few times but they already know me and have accommodated me. In fact if they don’t have what I want in stock, they will go out of their way to get it for me if they can, no matter how big or small the item is. I thoroughly enjoy my experience at this store and always feel welcomed whenever I walk through the door. -Charles, Judy’s Book